The Blackcurrant

The black pearl of burgundy

Sharing our know-how with our tourists

Suspension de bouteilles remplies de cassis


Le Cassissium invites its visitors on a special trip to the world of blackcurrant: Movies, drawers to be opened, touchscreens, different things to be touched as well as mechanical animations. Numerous and various information about the blackcurrant are presented in a fun way.



The movie at the Cassissium is played in a burgundian “Cabotte”, which is known to be a shelter for wine-makers, mainly in Nuits-Saint-Georges and Beaune. Our mascot “Supercassis” is here to tell you everything, from the history of his family to how he rose to become a star. He will also tell you the story behind the famous Canon Kir.

présentation visite guidée dans la liquoristerie Védrenne devant les alambics


Through a guided tour in Védrenne’s liqueur factory, which is located right next to the museum, the guides will unveil all the secrets of producing our blackcurrant liqueur (crème de cassis), or what we call « Supercassis ». They will explain all the steps of production: crushing fruits, maceration, the filtering process and the addition of sugar.

Guided tour


Kids and grownups will be gathered for an enjoyable moment at the Cassissium’s bar, where they can taste all of the drinks that Védrenne produces: the crème de cassis (Blackcurrant liqueur) of course, all sorts of fruit-Crèmes, liqueurs, spirits, syrups…


Le Cassissium is a museum that is exclusively dedicated to this little black-berry. The main purpose of this museum is to present the blackcurrant to the world in all its forms. Established by the famous liqueurs’ producer Védrenne, Le Cassissium is also considered as a place to share the know-how of this great producer to our guests. The production site of Védrenne is also opened for visitors as part of the tour.

Located in Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy, Le Cassissium is set in the heart of a rich terroir close to the vineyards. A 1000 m² building, with a permanent exhibition, a projection room, a tasting area and a boutique. This «gastronomic museum» was founded in 2001 through the private funds of the production company Védrenne. This company has been established in Nuits-Saint-Georges for almost a century since 1923.

The place is unique: The exhibition is all about the historical and agricultural aspects of blackcurrant as well as its uses in medicine, perfumery and gastronomy. Moreover, a guided tour in the Védrenne’s Liqueur factory is an amazing way to have a complete discovering journey by learning how the blackcurrant is transformed into liqueur. The tour then must end with the tasting of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur), liqueurs, and other company’s products.