School Visits


Le Cassissium’s staff offers a range of different activities that will help you explore the museum in a vivid, fun and educational way. We prefer sharing information about the blackcurrant with our young visitors using sensory approaches. This should allow every pupil and every teacher to have a rewarding visit that is adapted to their needs and purposes.

We adjust the visits depending on the level and the age of pupils. The purpose of these visits will come to complete that of the school. Starting from the museum, the visit will contribute in whetting the curiosity of young people as they discover the traditions and the know-how of Burgundians.

Le Cassissium wants to make sure that you are comfortable during the whole visit, that’s why we provide a range of materials in order to guarantee you an excellent visit:


We offer pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 a special sensorial pathway that allows them to discover the fruits. Being in small groups, their knowledge can evolve within the museum.

Visites scolaires - dégustation

It is ideal for children in primary school. The senses of these pupils will be awakened through 4 interactive workshops that are especially designed for school groups.

An educational booklet will be given to every teacher. It contains information about the different workshops. This should also help them prepare in advance their visit at Le Cassissium. In the booklet you’ll also find details about the different topics that you can discuss with your pupils such as: the difference between fruits and vegetables, the nutritional value of the fruits…etc

A different booklet will be handed to the children along with pencils so that they can answer all the questions as a part of the interactive games that we propose, in addition to the blind tasting.


We offer school visits that are directly related to the following programs: life and earth sciences, physics and chemistry, such as the botanical description of blackcurrant, it life cycle and the different phases of growth.

Visites scolaires - Alambics

Visites scolaires – Alambics

The different sides of blackcurrant will be covered through the museum, the movie projection and the guided tour. When the visitors come back from Vedrenne’s liqueur factory, a blind tasting workshop for syrups will be waiting for them.

This visit was also designed in order to raise awareness about the dangers related to consuming alcohol: a pathway can be set and alcohol impairment simulation goggles can be provided along with a questionnaire on road safety and dangers related to consuming alcohol.

Before and during your visit, we remain at your disposal for any questions you might have in mind. We are also ready to give you all the information and the recommendations that you might need.

Please note that the teachers and the supervisors are responsible for the behavior of their pupils during the whole visit.

Thank you for your understanding.