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Védrenne’s Company was founded in 1923 by Joseph Védrenne. This great man chose to launch it in the heart of burgundy’s orchards or more particularly in Nuits-Saint-Georges. Since almost a century, this company has been known worldwide for its know-how and for the excellent quality of its products: Crèmes, liqueurs and fruit syrups.

The numerous medals that Védrenne has won in prestigious competitions all around the world stand as a witness of this high quality and qualify the SUPERCASSIS for example as the most awarded Crème de Cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) in the world!

As of today, this range of Védrenne’s products has more than fifty different crèmes, liqueurs and syrups. This wide range is appreciated by barmen, mixologists, and cocktail amateurs in more than 60 countries all around the world.

Ideal for big classic cocktails like a Mojito, a Caipirinha, a Cosmopolitan, a Sex on the Beach or even other more commonly made cocktails like B52, Mai Tai, Blue Lagoon and more…

In the list below, you will find some cocktail ideas that we recommend for each product. Some easy to make recipes with a guaranteed full-flavour.

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