shades of orange

Shades of orange


Sirop de fruits de la passion Védrenne

Védrenne’s passion fruit syrup



Colour : limpid, bright with pearly glints.

A very aromatic and intense aroma of well-ripend fruit.

A very fragrant and intense flavour of pleasantly and slightly acidic maracuja.

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Sirop de mangue Védrenne

Védrenne’s mango syrup


Colour: beautiful with orangy glints.

A very aromatic nose of sweet mango.

A very fruity and long lasting flavour with a pleasant touch of acidity.Belle robe aux reflets orangers.

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Sirop de melon Védrenne

Védrenne’s melon syrup


Colour : brilliant, orangy.

A deliciously fruity nose with the succulent fragrance of sweet sunlit melon.

A very aromatic and a delicate flavour on the mouth, with a nice fruity finish that is deliciously and slightly acidic.

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Sirop d'orange Védrenne

Védrenne’s orange syrup


Colour: limpid, orangy.

An intense nose of sweet orange with the hints of orange peel and citrus fruits.

A very aromatic flavour with warm and slightly acidic hints.

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Sirop de pêche Védrenne

Védrenne’s peach syrup


Colour: bright amber yellow.

The nose of well ripened and sun-filled peach, very fruity with warm and sweet aromas.

A very fruity flavour of peach juice enhanced with a small hint of acidity.

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Sirop de pêche jaune Védrenne

Sirop de pêche jaune Védrenne



Colour: warm and light orange

Scent: a fresh and explosive note of sun-filled peaches

Flavour: its high concentration in juice brings a perfect balance in mouth. The discreet touch of sourness makes a perfect combination with beer.




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