shades of blue

Shades of blue

Ideal for colourful cocktails, with lemonade, still water or sparkling water


Sirop de curaçao Védrenne

Védrenne’s blue curaçao syrup


Colour: limpid tropical blue.

A very fragrant nose of orange, peel and citrus fruits.

The warm, sweet and intense flavour of citrus fruits.

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Sirop de lavande VédrenneLAVENDER SYRUP

Colour: violet, blue lavender.

A floral and a sunlit nose of fresh lavender and the scents of the Mediterranean.

A pleasantly fragrant flavour of deliciously sweetened lavender.

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Sirop de menthe glaciale Védrenne

Védrenne’s iced mint syrup


Colour: bluish, opalescent.

A very fresh nose of fresh iced mint with hints of icy mint.

Very fresh and very aromatic on the mouth with a delicious sensation of well-iced mint.

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Sirop de violette Védrenne

Védrenne’s violet syrup


Couleur pourpre violet brillant.

Nez puissant floral intense de violette.

Bouche très aromatique élégante et florale.

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