Discover our crèmes and liqueurs or what we like to call “our gourmet flavours”. You can can enjoy them neat, on crushed ice or as a long drink:


Liqueur d'amaretto Védrenne

Védrenne’s amaretto liqueur


Colour : nice, brilliant, golden, amber.

The nose of sweet and fruity almond with the aroma of frangipane (a filling made from or flavoured with almonds).

Round on the mouth, elegant with the distinctive flavour of sweet almond along with a nice vanilla-flavoured finish.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Crème de cacao blanc Védrenne

Védrenne’s cocoa white liqueur


Colour : Limpid, colourless, brilliant.

On the nose: a fragrant, warm perfume of pure and delicately roasted cocoa bean.

An elegant, round and sweet savour of fine black cocoa.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Crème de cacao brun Védrenne

Védrenne’s cocoa liqueur


Colour : brilliant brown.

The nose of cocoa beans with finely grilled glints.

Elegant and savoury, with hints of melting cocoa.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Liqueur de café Védrenne

Védrenne’s coffee liqueur


Colour : dense and dark.

The nose of perfectly grilled coffee beans with the hints of cocoa, caramel and brittle.

Powerful and well-balanced on the mouth, rich and elegant with a long lasting and a very aromatic finish.

Alc./Vol.: 21%

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Crème de caramel Védrenne

Védrenne’s caramela liqueur


Colour: amber, bright and brilliant.

The elegant and expressive nose of caramel, with hints of vanilla and brown sugar.

Generous and creamy on the mouth. A nice balance between alcohol and sugar. Such a pleasant oaky vanilla-flavoured finish.

Alc./Vol.: 15%

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Crème de châtaigne Védrenne

Védrenne’s chestnut liqueur


Colour: amber with caramel glints.

The fragrance of chestnut, enhanced with grilled hints.

Fruity, sweet on the mouth with a delicious savour of Marron glacé (a confection, originating in southern France and northern Italy consisting of chestnut candied in sugar syrup and glazed.)

Alc./Vol.: 18%




Liqueur de noisette Védrenne

Védrenne’s hazelnut


Colour: bright, golden and brilliant, the colour of hazelnut.

Very perfumed, with hazelnut’s fragrance along with praline and sweet almond hints.

Powerful and very aromatic on the palate, with the flavour of slightly grilled hazelnut.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Liqueur de spéculoos Védrenne

Védrenne’s speculoos liqueur


Colour: Golden, brilliant with slightly copper-coloured glints.

Sweet and fragrant,  with the hints of cinnamon and biscuit, along with a fine touch of citrus fruits and bergamot.

Sweet and warm on the palate, with hints of melted cinnamon and brown sugar.

Alc./Vol.: 18%

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Liqueur de vanille Védrenne

Védrenne’s vanilla liqueur


Colour: nice, golden, amber and brilliant.

An elegant and powerful nose of vanilla pod.

Sweet and elegant on the mouth with a nice length, along with warm vanilla-flavoured hints.

Alc./Vol.: 20%

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