Exotic Fruits

This range of exotic fruit crèmes and liqueurs is adopted by barmen, professional mixologists, confirmed drinkers and beginners who want to dive into this world of endless flavours.


Crème d'abricot Védrenne

Védrenne’s apricot liqueur


Colour: Golden orange.

The nose of well-ripened fruit, sweet with a slightly acidic touch.

The flavour of round, silky and ripe apricot that have been dried under the sun, with a pleasant touch of acidity on the mouth.

Alc./Vol.: 16%

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Védrenne’s pineapple liqueur


Colour: bright golden yellow, fresh and brilliant.

The very exotic nose of well-ripened pineapple with a sweet flesh.

A very fruity flavour with a pleasant touch of acidity

Alc./Vol.: 18%

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Crème de banane Védrenne

Védrenne’s banana liqueur


Colour: Yellow and brilliant.

The nose of perfectly ripe fruits, powerful and slightly acidic.

The flavour of ripe and very sweet fruit all along the nose and on the mouth.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Liqueur de kiwi Védrenne

Védrenne’s kiwi liqueur


Colour: brilliant glistening green.

The very fruity, warm, sweet nose of sun-filled kiwi.

A warm and a full-flavoured taste, with the flavour of well-ripened kiwi’s flesh.

Alc./Vol.: 18%





Liqueur de litchi Védrenne

Védrenne’s lychee liqueur


Brilliant and colourless.

A very aromatic exotic nose, with light hints of raspberry.

A very fruity, powerful and elegant flavour.

Alc./Vol.:  15%

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Liqueur de fruits de la passion Védrenne

Védrenne’s passion fruit liqueur


A very fruity nose of fresh fruits, exotic and very expressive.

The flavour is slightly acidic and deliciously fruity.

Alc./Vol.: 18%

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Liqueur de mangue Védrenne

Védrenne’s mango liqueur


Colour: light caramel, golden and orangy

The nose of ripe mango, with the pleasantly acidic side of the flesh of fresh fruit.

A very fruity flavour, fleshy and pleasantly acidic with a long but not too sweet finish.

Alc./Vol.:  18%

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Liqueur de pastèque Védrenne

Védrenne’s watermelon liqueur


A lively pinky colour.

Very fragrant on the nose; a very aromatic fragrance of the flesh of fruit that has been ripened under the sun.

Very fruity and savoury on the palate, the flavour of perfect ripeness, warm and sweet with a beautiful length.

Alc./Vol.:  18%

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Liqueur de poire Williams Védrenne

Védrenne’s williams pear liqueur


Colour: Limpid, bright with pale golden glints.

A very fruity nose of the flesh and the juice of Williams pear.

Very fruity on the mouth, powerful, fresh and creamy with a long lasting finish.

Alc./Vol.: 18%

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Liqueur de pomme verte Védrenne

Védrenne’s green apple liqueur


Limpid, brilliant, colourless

The very zippy, fresh and fruity nose of the freshly cut orchards’ green apple.

Very fresh on the mouth, with the delicious fragrance of the very fruity Granny Smith apples.

Alc./Vol.: 18%

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Liqueur de prunelle Védrenne

Liqueur de prunelle Védrenne


A golden colour with green glints.

The nose of sweet almond and wild fruit’s stone.

The full-flavour of very sweet and richly fragrant almond, elegant with the touch of wild berry fruit.

Alc./Vol.: 18%





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