Citrus fruits

Like all barmen say,  citrus fruits are the ideal ingredients that bring a touch of energising freshness to your cocktails! 


Liqueur de Curaçao bleu Védrenne

Védrenne’s blue curaçao liqueur


Colour : brilliant blue.

An aromatic, round smooth nose of sweet orange peels.

A very orangy flavour with a great finesse.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Liqueur de curaçao orange Védrenne

Védrenne’s orange curaçao liqueur


Colour : brilliant, amber with orange glints

A very expressive and powerful nose, full-bodied with the hints of bitter orange peels, a bit candied.

Full-bodied and elegant on the palate with the same slightly candied and well-blended hints of bitter orange peel.

Alc./Vol.: 35%

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Citron/citron vert 20%

Védrenne’s Lemon/lime liqueur


Coulour : yellow, bright and opalescent.

The nose is very intense and harmonious at the same time. It is slightly acidic thanks to the hints of lemon, enhanced with the subtle and the powerful fragrance of lime.

Very generous and slightly acidic on the palate, with all the freshness and the power that comes with the perfectly balanced flavours of lemon and lime.

Alc./Vol.: 20%



Liqueur de mandarine Védrenne

Védrenne’s mandarin liqueur


The orange colour of the fruit itself.

A very expressive and fruity nose with a great finesse.

Just like the nose, the palate is beautifully fruity, fine and tasty.

Alc./Vol.: 25%

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Liqueur de pamplemousse rose Védrenne

Védrenne’s pink grapefruit liqueur


Colour : pink, pale with flaming glints.

The nose of the very fruity pinky grapefruit, powerful with the hints of citrus fruits.

A very fruity crème (liqueur), slightly acidic, with a touch of bitter orange and a beautiful melted finish.

Alc./Vol.: 15%

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                                                TRIPLE SEC LIQUEUR

Liqueur Triple sec Védrenne

Védrenne’s Triple Sec liqueur

Colour : limpid and transparent.

A very expressive nose of sweet orange with the hints of mandarin.

Fragrant on the palate, fine and balanced, long and harmonious.

Alc./Vol.: 35%

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