blackcurrant cassis


Burgundy is the region that produces the greatest amount of Crèmes de Cassis (Blackcurrant liqueurs) in the world.  They are universally recognised for their outstanding quality.

Védrenne makes several recipes of  blackcurrant liqueurs including the SUPERCASSIS which remains until this day the most awarded liqueur in the world (Its recipe has not changed sinced 1933). Please find here the recipe-card for Supercassis and Marcassin.



Crème de cassis Supercassis 20%

Supercassis 20%


Colour: Purple, deep crimson, brilliant, intense.

An explosion of fruits; of freshly crushed black-berries on the nose,  with a rare degree of intensity.

A pure fruit flavour, intense, generous and heady, with a pleasant touch of acidity on the mouth.

Alc./Vol. : 20%

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Crème de cassis Supercassis 15%

Supercassis 15%


The pure colour of blackcurrant, dense, brilliant and intense.

The outstanding aromatic richness of the blackcurrant variety: Noir de Bourgogne (black of Burgundy) on the nose.

Intense and aromatic flavour, powerful and elegant, with very long lasting fruit aromas. 

A significant Crème de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur) with an intense flavour and fragrance.

Alc./Vol.:  15%

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Crème de cassis 16%

Blackcurrant liqueur 15%


The colour of fresh blackcurrant with glowing red glints.

A fruity nose with a good roundness, strong with a pleasant acidity.

Pleasantly fruity with the flavours of melted, well-ripened berries, with a pleasant, long-lasting finish.

Alc./Vol.: 15%




Marcassin © Le Cassissium



A subtle blend of Marc de Bourgogne (a spirit) and Crème de Cassis
A bright combination of the finest flavours in Burgundy; the fruity one “Supercassis”, with the sensual notes of spirits that have been aged in oak barrels. 
Le Marcassin can be drunk neat, chilled as aperitif or digestif. 
A little piece of advice: you can put the Marcassin over a green lime sorbet. Something we call “trou bourgignon” and it’s absolutely delicious!

Alc./Vol.: 18%






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