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Mojito, Marguarita, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitain… here are some names of famous cocktails that you probably know already. But do you happen to know how to make them?

So here we have gathered for you some of our cocktail making experiences that took place in Le Cassissium. We made all these cocktails in attempt to discover the flavours of Védrenne’s products.

Founded in 1923 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of burgungy’s orchards, VEDRENNE is well-known for its know-how. Something that made it famous for the great quality of its products: crèmes, liqueurs and fruit syrups.

The numerous  awards that Védrenne wins every year in prestigious competitions in France and all around the world stand as a witness to this great quality. Not to mention that The SUPERCASSIS is the most awarded blackcurrant crème (liqueur) in the world!

Today, Védrenne’s range of products contains more than fifty Crèmes, fruit liqueurs and syrups. That’s what we call “the art of cocktail making”: the perfect combination of flavours.

All of our cocktails are presented to you bellow. In addition to that, you will find the list of our products on this  page Our products . We are always happy to share our experiences of “mixologists” with you. So feel free to share with us your cocktail recipes and ideas on Facebook, twitter or Instagram @Lecassissium #cassissium or simply by E-mail.

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